At Waterview we believe the athlete comes first. With thousands of talented athletes playing competitive volleyball across the nation, the competition of play is extremely high. For this reason we believe it is vital to have an educated sports performance training plan in order to reach your highest goals! At Waterview we are an inclusive Performance Training Club. When you sign with us we are vested in your athletic development for a full calendar year. This includes Club season fees, uniforms, shoes, open gyms, and sports performance training! With the competition across the nation at an all time high it is imperative to have Sports Performance Training.


Performance Training

Performance training is a combination speed, strength, agility, plyometric and explosive workouts. These workouts are designed to benefit the athlete through muscle gain, fat loss and overall athleticism. Our athletes are required to meet a specific amount of workouts weekly to increase athletic gains and help with injury prevention.

  • Vertical Jump Training on Vertimax V8
  • Air Squat Jumpers
  • Run Rocket
  • Reel Runner
  • Resistance Bands
  • Sand Agilities

With over 30 years of professional performance training experience, our coaches specialize in the development of speed, agility and increasing the vertical jump!